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The 3-Phase Concept for my baby & me!

We accompany you from the desire to have children through pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding.


The 3-Phase Concept for my baby & me!

We accompany you from the desire to have children through pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding.

frequently asked questions

about pregnancy

The desire to have children and the subsequent pregnancy are one of the most beautiful and sensitive times in a woman’s life. Above all, you have the desire to do nothing less than everything possible perfectly.

With this question and answer catalog, we would like to try to give you a little help with various questions about pregnancy. Some things are self-evident, others will probably be new to you.

Very important. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate and contact our mother service at any time using the contact form from We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

How should I eat during pregnancy?

Above all, you should not only pay attention to a particularly high quality of nutrition when you want to have children or in early pregnancy. We have already listed it under the tab “Nutrient Deficiency”, but the need to increase the energy supply through more food is significantly less than the need to increase the supply of various vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Above all, your diet should be healthy and varied. A healthy diet includes low-calorie beverages and plant-based foods, especially fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grain products. You should be careful with animal foods. You should largely avoid sugary drinks, sweets and products with a high proportion of saturated fatty acids, especially animal fats.

It has been proven that the risk of gestational diabetes can be reduced by giving preference to whole grain products, vegetables, fruits and legumes. The current state of research is of the opinion that up to 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit should be eaten per day during pregnancy.

What about a vegetarian or vegan diet? In this case, am I well taken care of?

That is a very good question and cannot be answered consistently. A vegetarian diet can be sufficient balanced to meet the needs of vitamins, minerals and trace elements during pregnancy.

In the case of a purely plant-based, ie vegan diet, the supply of micronutrients that are important during pregnancy must be checked regularly. It is recommended that not only folic acid and iodine, but also vitamin B12 should be supplemented. The background to this is that this is the only way to reduce the likelihood of child damage in the womb. In the case of a vegan diet, specific advice is also strongly recommended.

How much should I exercise before and during pregnancy?

Basically, you can’t go wrong with movement. You should stay physically active during pregnancy and try to limit the time of sedentary activities. However, especially at a later stage of pregnancy, your physical activity should be as moderate as possible. Moderate means that your heart rate should be a maximum of 50% above your resting heart rate, rather below it. In addition, it is recommended that you practice sports that use larger muscle groups. These include swimming, pregnancy yoga and Nordic walking.

What about the consumption of alcohol?

A risk-free amount of alcohol is not known. Therefore, the rule applies: If you want to have children, you should completely and without exception refrain from alcohol. Alcohol consumption, even in the smallest amounts, can lead to growth retardation and malformations. Fetal alcohol syndrome is the most common 100% preventable disability in newborns. Please don’t take this risk.

Can I smoke while pregnant?

Smoking has been shown to have a negative impact on the health of both mother and child. And it also reduces fertility. The risk of premature births and miscarriages increases. In this respect, the principle of action here is also very clear: Smoking is taboo if you want to have children during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. And where you have already given up smoking, it is best not to start again after breastfeeding. The waiver does not only apply to conventional cigarettes, but also to e-cigarettes.

What are the limitations of pharmaceutical preparations or drugs during pregnancy?

The most important advice of all is: If you want to have children and at the latest when you become aware of your pregnancy, you should only take medicines after consulting a doctor you trust. The background to this is that pharmaceutical preparations and drugs can already have an impact on the child in the womb. If you would like more detailed information on the subject of drugs during pregnancy, you are also welcome to visit the website of the Charité University Clinic Berlin. At you will find important information that is clearly explained. And yet, of course, visiting the website does not replace a visit to the gynecologist.


Is it true that healthy teeth are important in pregnancy?

Yes, you can basically say that. If you have periodontitis (colloquially called periodontal disease), the risk of premature birth or an overall lower birth weight. Existing tooth decay is similarly harmful, because bacteria that are associated with tooth decay can be passed on to the child and thus increase the risk of tooth damage in the child.

If there was any kind of guide for expectant mothers, what would it ideally be?

There is no perfect pregnancy planning in this sense. You can do a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. According to the maxim: “You are what you do repeatedly”, the most important thing is to avoid wrong things. Nevertheless, we have put together a small memo for you and it looks like this:

  • You should eat a balanced diet and stay physically active.
  • If you start your pregnancy with a normal weight, you have the ideal prerequisites. As far as possible, try to approach your normal weight if you want to have children. If you are overweight, this will strain the pregnancy more than necessary.
  • If you want to have children, you should take at least 400 μg folic acid per day. If this is not possible for you with a normal diet or is not 100% guaranteed, high-quality food supplements will help. Pay attention to high-quality and bioavailable folic acids such as Quatrefolic®, which is also contained in Natals Pre. Only with highly bioavailable folic acids can you be certain that the folate content in the body will increase quickly and sustainably. You should start taking folic acid as soon as you want to have children.
  • If in doubt, iodine and vitamin B12 should also be supplemented.
  • Alcohol is an absolute taboo! Without exception!
  • What a surprise: smoking is also absolutely taboo!
  • Take care of healthy teeth.
  • Before taking any medication, please consult a doctor you trust.

And one last piece of advice from the Natalis® team: Don’t try to be perfect in your planning, because you are anyway. Follow our guide, keep researching the Internet, exchange ideas in preparation courses and just let a few things come to you! So that you can really enjoy your very special pregnancy.