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The 3-Phase Concept for my baby & me!

We accompany you from the desire to have children through pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding.


The 3-Phase Concept for my baby & me!

We accompany you from the desire to have children through pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding.

Wishing for a baby? Our tips for her and him!

Once the desire to have a baby has been expressed, getting pregnant often cannot go fast enough. But how can the probability of pregnancy be increased? Which factors influence pregnancy? What contribution can the partner also make?

We have collected the following tips for you:

Sexual intercourse – at the right time!

Of course, if you are looking to get pregnant, regular sex is a good place to start. It keeps men healthy and boosts testosterone production. This in turn increases the production of fresh sperm. But the right time is crucial. Women can only get pregnant on a few days of their cycle. Sperm, in turn, can survive for several days after sex. Having sex on the days before you ovulate or on the day you ovulate can maximize your chances of getting pregnant. Ovulation occurs in the middle of a woman’s monthly cycle. With an ideal typical 28-day cycle, days 12 to 14 are particularly good times for intimacy if you want to have children. The count starts from the first day on which the last period starts.

Eat a healthy diet

To optimally supply your body with everything it needs, it is important to eat regularly, fresh and healthy. Therefore, make sure to eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, fiber and whole grain products and to incorporate fatty dairy products, nuts and fatty fish into your menu more often. Hydrogenated fats, on the other hand, should be avoided. Reaching into the candy drawer should also be reduced to a healthy level.

Taking folic acid

Taking folic acid can reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the baby in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Ideally, you should start taking it three months before trying to get pregnant and continue it at least until the end of the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

Do you eat healthily, do you take from foods, e.g. B. beans or orange juice already contain folic acid. Since the daily requirement of a pregnant woman can only be covered with difficulty in this way, doctors and midwives recommend that you also take folic acid in capsule form.

We recommend SanaExpert Natalis® Pre. Natalis® Pre already makes an important contribution to the supply of folic acid, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements such as iron, selenium, zinc and iodine from the desire to have children up to the 12th week of pregnancy. The preparation is given a combination of nutrients that is precisely tailored to the needs of those wishing to have children and in early pregnancy and gives you the good feeling of doing the best possible for you and your child right from the start.


The level of stress also has a significant impact on pregnancy. Those who stress themselves too much, only have sex in fertility-promoting positions and according to a strict schedule, often cause their bodies to go on strike. Therefore, try not to put yourself and your partner under pressure.

Yoga, regular walks, getting enough sleep and reducing stress in everyday life and at work are also recommended.

Love your body

Many women are constantly trying to optimize something in their body. One diet follows the next, so that cravings alternate with excessive exercise. But: Your body is your ally, not your opponent!

A healthy body is important. You should listen to him so as not to overwhelm him. Because permanent excessive demands mean stress for your body. This is counterproductive for the fulfilment of your baby wish. Instead, meet with love and be patient with yourself.

The dad-to-be can do something too

The father can of course also make his contribution to fulfilling the desire to have children. A healthy diet rich in zinc and magnesium improves sperm production and mobility, for example. Foods such as whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, legumes and whole grain bread contain particularly high levels of magnesium. In addition, alcohol consumption should be reduced, and smoking should ideally be stopped, as both can affect the man’s fertility.

Regular exercise, sufficient relaxation and a healthy diet are also beneficial. Fortunately, it’s a lot more fun together anyway!

We recommend SanaExpert VitaFertil to all prospective fathers who also want to give their happiness a little on the jumps and create ideal basic conditions. In addition to magnesium, the product also contains other important micronutrients such as selenium, zinc and vitamin C to support starting a family.

We wish you all the best for you and your little family!