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The 3-Phase Concept for my baby & me!

We accompany you from the desire to have children through pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding.


The 3-Phase Concept for my baby & me!

We accompany you from the desire to have children through pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding.

Nutritional supplements for fertility and pregnancy

In order to ensure the optimal supply of all necessary nutrients during the exciting time of the desire for children and pregnancy, gynaecologists and midwives recommend taking selected food supplements, especially for pregnancy.

If you wish to have children:

Are you still at the very beginning of starting a family and wish to become pregnant?

In this early phase, folic acid in particular is very important to support the growth of maternal tissue during pregnancy. Furthermore, folic acid plays an outstanding role in cell division. On the other hand, too low a folate level is a risk factor for the development of neural tube defects in the fetus. For this reason, a folic acid supply in line with requirements should ideally be ensured before conception by means of targeted supplementation. Zinc, on the other hand, helps to support fertility. An adequate iron supply is also advisable, as iron is important for normal cognitive function.

All these ingredients and some more are contained in high doses in SanaExpert Natalis® Pre, which we recommend to you from the desire to have children until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy. In addition to folic acid, the preparation contains the multiple patented ingredient Quatrefolic®, which is valued for its extraordinary bioavailability.

With SanaExpert Natalis® Pre you not only receive a nutrient combination that is precisely adapted to the needs of the desire for children and early pregnancy, but also the good feeling of doing the best possible for you and your child – right from the start!

By the way: Thanks to SanaExpert VitaFertil, even the expectant dad can actively contribute to the desire for a child with a nutrient combination of folic acid, zinc, selenium and alpha lipoic acid specially formulated for men.

During pregnancy:

Are you already pregnant and have successfully passed the first trimester? Congratulations on the new little life in your belly, which will become more and more noticeable in the coming weeks. In order to give the little miracle, the best possible start in life, certain nutrients are also particularly important in the second and third trimesters. However, the needs have already shifted compared to the first weeks of pregnancy.

During the sensitive period of pregnancy, from the second trimester onwards, omega-3 fatty acids and in particular DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) play a decisive role in the development of your child’s eyes and brain. Iron in turn is important for the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin in the mother. In addition, you must continue to ensure a sufficient supply of folic acid. Ideally, a pregnancy preparation should contain at least 400 µg folic acid and 100-150 µg iodine for the period from the second trimester.

SanaExpert Natalis® contains besides high-dose DHA (700 mg per daily dose – more than any other pregnancy preparation on the German market) and iron additionally 400 μg folic acid and 7.5 mg zinc per daily dose. It also contains magnesium, B vitamins and numerous other minerals, trace elements and vitamins to provide the best possible support for your baby’s health right from the start.  Because only the best is good enough for mum and baby!

After the birth:

The birth of your child is imminent. Would you like to breastfeed?

SanaExpert Natalis® Lact, a product of the Natalis® 3-phase concept, is also available for the breastfeeding phase: Natalis® Lact contains a nutrient combination with DHA, iron, numerous vitamins and minerals as well as natural extracts of fennel and fenugreek, which is precisely adapted to the needs of the breastfeeding period.